Jessica Lee McMillan is a poet with an MA in English. When not writing or teaching, she spends time with her little family and buries herself in books and records. 

Jessica's work explores perception, existential concerns, pop culture, music, social justice, nature, water, physics, scale, the word & body, and mental & physical peripheries.

You can find her work presently/forthcoming in Pocket LintGoat's Milk MagazineTiny Spoon, Blank Spaces Magazine, Pinhole Poetry, Riddled with ArrowsAntilangDream Pop Journal, Willows Wept Review, The South Shore Review, SORTES, Train Poetry Journal, Lover's Eye Press, Red Alder Review and others. 

Jessica is a white settler and first-generation Canadian who lives in New Westminster, British Columbia on stolen and unsurrendered lands of the Coast Salish and Halkomelem-speaking Peoples, in particular, the QayQayt and Kwikwetlem First Nations.

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Reflections on Glass

Free verse How the cerebellum spills over the shiny panes reflecting the sky, the world in freehand sketching transparent refractions of...

Before Your Eyes

The pupils are ghost containment units even the sun cannot see oxygen eaten up by smoke or love evaporate into thin air. Disappearance is...

God’s Eye

Our lines connecting points of light orchestrate a puppetry of constellations chalking our wish trajectories in the sky Our hopes are a...

The Pathos of Flowers

Poetry by Jessica Lee McMillan In the mire of raincloud — this clouded over year — we missed the first blossoming of rhododendrons by the...