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  • Writer's pictureJessica Lee McMillan

Image by David Stanley on Flickr

The first to be accused

of robbing the good Captain

were local Indigenous men

and the bullet hole is still wedged

in the doorframe by the white thieves

who put it there

Accessory to precarious lives,

the house stands in limbo

of livelihood and trespass

When I enter, an interloper,

I rewind generations back,

and un-nest cultural selves

in each room, a settler,

an immigrant's child

touring false pasts;

a witness out of time

on these front steps

This colonial inheritance lords

a hilltop named for presiding ghosts

but not the ghosts it made

in its providential prime

This house is a tenuous threshold

sooted in knowing its golden wallpaper

curls in detritus networks, feather fine

atop bones of brutality

Under its garden of opulent flowers,

opiate trash blooms from Royal Ave


Jessica Lee McMillan © 2022

Published September 8, 2022 in RCLAS Wordplay at Work, Issue 93


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