• Jessica Lee McMillan

Mechanical Garden

Poetry by Jessica Lee McMillan

From Geometria et Perspectiva, 1567 by Lorenz Stöer on Wikimedia Commons

This machine has a broken heart this ethos of impossible momentum seizing all the teeth of motion, in dollar store accumulations and machinations of ego, the bots of greed The effort of wheels and grease and personal automation glisten with entropy: a dance of death grinding down matter in resource binges, breaking organisms from driving spirit All these physical distractions are mechanical diversions from the natural order, from our messy little hearts, afraid, and inking escape plans in cancerous alloys mined from excess creation for more ingredients to play with More landscapes of rectilinear decay fracking the romantic view of soft shapes with cropped trees & electric transformers wrapped in vinyl with photos of leaves, art for its own sake Such hybrid anarchy of arteries, streets still lead to flowers somewhere blooming in their ambitionless purpose over the mechanical garden away from the city’s broken heart, where automaton butterflies don’t pollinate

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