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  • Jessica Lee McMillan

Reflections on Glass

Free verse

How the cerebellum spills over the shiny panes reflecting the sky, the world in freehand sketching transparent refractions of scattered light, treetops invert through glass in the optical flow of webbed iris the electricity forks like roots, the tender nodes offshoot in cranial nerves subdividing blue, converging spheres of up & down, branch over trunk, youth over age, the twain in singular image of two poles and same core, a stem for the cloud-flowers, in our vision of strange, lost in branches where mind had fixed the placement of things but could not root the eyes to the same laws of gravity where we branch forests of sight in scattered light sketching transparent refractions of the world in freehand on shiny panes reflecting the sky, how the cerebellum spills over.

Jessica Lee McMillan © 2021

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