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German synthesizer
Image by Jorge Royan on Wikimedia Commons. Enhanced by author

Memory is a basement

carpeted in orange and brown,

electronics warm, vinyl cords

in rainbow of 7 colours

7 notes in analog polyphony

unlocking my sounds on SK-1:

ghost sample loops & trip-step beats,

welcome-mat moog melody

decayed so softly, the echo

a fuzzy copy of lightness inside,

this chromesthetic touch to sight,

intuition pressing keys, intoning

colour bands in spectrum vibrating,

synthesizer smear like roy-g-biv,

hazy-lined as nostalgia

in foggy tableaus of 1980s,

these old channels, circuit bends,

these forever notes, watercolour tones

are oscillating ripples,

wired extensions of nature,

in everything, a wavelength


Inspired by Boards of Canada’s roygbiv

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