• Jessica Lee McMillan

Salt of Sun and Sea

Next to your bed I breathe the salt of the earth in your hair the salt of the sun in your eye the salt of the sea of your night In my dreams you rest on a bed of salt preserved with the savour of life reviving my saltwater blood and the iron it corrodes with the union of love and strife And as your blood dries slain and sustained in the ash of combustion your salt is the axis of corruption and life Your body is mineral memory of primordial sea, of cosmic waters freed and revived in the salt of the ash that I bury with love at the foot of your tree, the fulcrum and completion of the same, bifold reality

Jessica Lee McMillan © 2021 Inspired by a dream, a death, and the esoteric study “The Hermetic Problem of Salt” by Aaron Cheak who describes salt as a concept for the order of the universe and its dualities in that:

salt has played a role in alchemy as the physical “body” which remains after combustion, the

corporeal substance that survives death to reinaugurate new life. It was both ‘corruption and

preservation against corruption’ (Dorn); both the ‘last agent of corruption’ and the ‘first agent in

generation’ (Steeb). [2] As such, the alchemical salt functions as the fulcrum of death and

revivification. — Aaron Cheak

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